We are using the Tiny Prints "Photo Escrow System" to help manage your images.  This system is a way for us to release the images directly to your Tiny Prints account to order a card for a special licensing fee of $10 per image.  Your card will also include a small attribution* for The Portrait Gallery on the back of the card, which is part of this reduced licensing fee. This fee is for the purchase of cards or announcements. 

When you are ready to order, please call or email the requested Photo I.D. numbers of the images you would like to use.  We will then upload them and you will be emailed a unique "key code" for each image which you can use in the card creation process in the "add a photo" stage.  You will click on the "Pro Photographer" tab to access your images and enter your codes.  Once you have retrieved the image, you can use it on any card for 30 days.  Your card will be printed with the high resolution version of the photograph.

*Studio Attribution-Clicking on our co-branded Tiny Prints Storefront also ensures that we receive credit for referring a customer to Tiny Prints as well as letting the receivers of your cards know who took your gorgeous photographs!  

This includes the studio's website on the back of the cards that you order.  If you have a concern with this being printed on your card, you have the option of removing it in the card preview section.  The text-based attribution is small, fits well with the design on the back of the card and it movable.  We sincerely appreciate those that keep the website address included on the card but completely understand if you feel it needs to be removed.

Click the Tiny Prints photo below to go directly to our storefront-happy shopping!  

PS-If I have any discount codes for your order or for shipping, I'll email them to you! :)